Indian Ridge Lodge

Located in the south-west corner of the Indianola Valley, UT, the Indian Ridge Lodge is a five-bedroom bed and breakfast with a 2,000 ft.2 great room that is great for various situations from high-class events to informal lodge-style get-togethers. We offer in-house catering and several other services, some of which are mentioned on the Other Services page. We are completely off-grid, operating primarily on clean solar and wind energy.

Named after the subdivision in which it was built, The Indian Ridge Lodge was once a clubhouse for the Indian Ridge Subdivision. It has since been sold and is now privately owned and operated. Since its sale in spring of 2011, the Lodge has undergone a massive overhauling of the structure in preparation for effective use in a desirable manner, which had not been previously viable.

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Video Gallery

These are tours of the bedrooms and Game Room. Keep in touch for the coming videos of the Library, Great Room and progress we've made.

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